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on stream today, KirinDave shared his own theory on the history of the yog server worlds, which I found super interesting (as did the rest of chat!!) here’s a summary of his words in paragraphy form, I hope for the most part I conveyed it accurately…

- NOT. CANON. 100% not claimed as canon.
- the yoglabs/Voltz/SOI universe is hard to push in to this so just take the clone part as a minecraft perma-crossover for now? Apparently Lewis would like to link them (I think I’ve seen more than one reddit post on it) but there’s still nothing particularly solid yet.
- clarifications in brackets

The oldest, first world wrecked by the Tekkit war, was replaced by the second (Tekkit/FTB), the one that the Jaffa Factory, Sipsco, the Lab, and Blackrock all take place in.  After that second world’s end explosion caused by Kim and Duncan, it was made uninhabitable and the residents were saved by being thrown out of it, a place where all their previous work was gone, in to the realm of Moonquest.  Not the worst thing ever really, as they had finished what they set out to do originally.

The new Moonquest world was only ever supposed to be temporary measure (the origin/force acting on it is unknown), and because of that the heat and light slowly left it, similar to a mystcraft dimension. Xephos, who knew it would eventually become a problem (unknown why he knew), was determined to travel to go to other planets and scope out other mystcraft dimensions, either not telling Duncan and Honeydew or just not telling Honeydew as they would worry.  They realize that there’s nothing for them on other planets, and the mystcraft worlds were frankly disasters, but they can in fact access their old home.  

Upon returning, it’s clear that they weren’t just thrown, but de-synchronized from it, thousands of years had elapsed.  Those years were lost when Duncan’s experiment with flux managed to shatter time itself, the unknown force in the universe placed them back when it finally corrected. Now the world had healed from the explosion, landscape completely changed, and was once again habitable.  Their old structures were dilapidated and overgrown, and the land has new residents, inter-dimensional travelers from the Chaos server, others from many far away lands, all together now in the main (canonical) world of Minecraftia.

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this is from nine months ago and I forgot to post it pffffft

this is from nine months ago and I forgot to post it pffffft

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For the Big Yog Bang (I know amazing name) could we be assigned randomly, like I would want to write, so I would be assigned to a random artist that chose the same prompt?

This was something I hadn’t thought about, but yes, having a random partner section would be great.  Anybody interested in having somebody with the opposite skill paired with them can submit if they want to write/draw and say they’d like to join with somebody randomly.

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Yog Fandom Big Bang? 




I’d like to gauge interest of something that I believe this fandom has never done before, a Big Bang! However, as this fandom leans heavily into the more fanart than fanfic side, we can modify it to help with this.

What is a regular Big Bang?

A Big Bang is…

 (via donotchoosesidesyet)

This is not a problem, I think, because Tenny and I discussed the concept in Terre’s stream and I think there is no deadline attached to choosing and posting. If a team comes together they decide when things are done and posted. (Correct me if I am wrong, Tenny.)

That’s right!  Along those lines, if you were to finish your prompt far ahead and wished to work on another, we could have a second round with prompts that weren’t picked initially and you can have a chance then.  For the second round, I think it would be fair that single people would need to choose prompts from the small category, to give pairs that would like to do a second one a larger idea to work from.

Something I just remembered now, multiple people! You could absolutely have more than two people working on the same prompt, it would be very cool to see either a fleshed out AU, or a comic where one writes, one lines and another colours… working with your friends on a goal you all think will be awesome would sure be neat.

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Yog Fandom Big Bang?

I’d like to gauge interest of something that I believe this fandom has never done before, a Big Bang!  However, as this fandom leans heavily into the more fanart than fanfic side, we can modify it to help with this.

What is a regular Big Bang?

A Big Bang is a specific type of challenge usually involving long fics and accompanying artwork. Most Big Bangs have a similar format: Writers sign up and begin writing stories. When the early drafts of the stories are available, each one is assigned one or more artists, or artists might claim stories from posted summaries. Artists create fanart to go along with the story. (x)  

What could we do in the Yogscast fandom?

To compensate with the inevitability that not every artist can be paired with a writer, what I was thinking instead is that we have a pool of prompts submitted by everybody in the fandom (participating or not), and either an artist, a writer, or an artist/writer pair can pick one and create a work with it.  We can have a small section (name pending) with fics with a 1k word area, where the prompts are smaller in scope and the prompts are first-come-first-serve.  There also could be a large section, with over 1k words and more detailed prompts of AUs and situations etc, where prompts are on a tier system where you pick a few you’d like and rank them, and then the givings are randomized to make it fair.  We also could have a fanmix section, as not everybody is comfortable drawing or writing, this way everybody can participate!

So, who would be interested in participating in this? Please drop a like, a reply, a reblog or an ask with suggestions! Thanks guys.

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wp 1080/768/720


wp 1080/768/720

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Hey Tenny sorry to be a bother like this But is the version of sai you use safe to download i recently got a new computer and am worried about viruses Thanks for your time and your art is super nice and great : )

edit: oop this is exactly my version minus the brushes I’ve made for myself! and a quick tidbit for if you download it other places, there’s a version 1.0 and 1.1.0, the first one isn’t worth your time as it can’t save transparent pngs. always look for 1.1.0 so you don’t have that issue.

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I miss mobscast (´;ω;`)

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top tier players

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my skin reference file was super outdated, so here’s a new set! hoping I didn’t forget anybody  (๑•́ ω •̀๑)


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what a terrible influence

what a terrible influence